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 Welcome to Mrs. Finseth's Class Page!
2nd Grade is a "HOOT!"

Welcome Thea, Sadie, Andrew, Ethan, Sam, Shane, Makenna, Jorja, Carson, Charlie, Landon, Abbigail, Eli, Lexi, Hadlee, Carter, Maryclaire, Irelynn, Gavin, Ani, Layne, and Ross!
​​​Spelling for the week of May 8
why find mind night
light eye high buy
Challenge: twelve twenty​

juvenile: a young person; relating to young people
slight: small in degree; ignore or treat as not important
spry: active; lively
recline: lean backward or lie down​

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The links below will offer your child some additional math practice:
** (copy & paste into your browser for clock practice)
** (copy & paste into your browser for some math turn-around fact practice.)
   ** (copy and   
                                            paste in your browser for math fact practice games)

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