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  • NWEA Testing (district testing) starts this week.  We started with reading and will continue with math later this week into next week.  
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Monday/Tuesday, October 16,17.   You should be able to sign up online, the same way you did for before school conferences. ​
  • Picture Retakes are Friday, October 13th.
  • Hy-Vee will be offering on-site flu shots at CHATFIELD SCHOOLS on THURSDAY OCTOBER 26. Pre-registration is required (DUE OCT 19) and forms are in each front office. Hy-Vee Pharmacy will bill your insurance for the vaccine.
Class Information

Math: We are currently working on Unit 2.  Focus on add/subtracting/mulitiplying/estimating decimals as well as a review of mean, median, mode.  Practice and Study Island categories are listed below.   Math homework is pretty consistent.  Each week the students will have 4-5 Math Box pages to work on in their journals.  We go over each box at some point throughout the week.  I encourage students to attempt the boxes they feel confident in doing at home or with a little help and leave any boxes that are causing frustration for school.  Study Links are on the iPads this year.  Students are provided work time during the day for study links.  Study Links will only be homework if they were not completed during class.   Due Dates for Math Boxes and Study Links will always be posted below.

Reading: We are currently in Unit 2​​ in which we are working on making inferences. We will also be working on comparing and contrasting characters, settings, and events, including where events fall on a plot structure. ​For extra practice, students can work on the following 5th grade 2010 ELA study island standards: 1a, 1b, 1e, 1f, 1g and 1L. Study island is a good way to prepare for unit tests. Please look below for due dates on various activities throughout the year.

Science: We have been working on our researching skills and supporting our scientific opinions.  The students read an article in Time for Kids that focused on the debate of "Should grades be eliminated?"  It has been a great discussion point and we will debate this issue in class later in the week.  Next week we will continue on with our measurements portion of our STEM unit.  Students are learning about the SI system (International Systems of Measurement-aka metric system) along with the tools used to measure in science.  

Social Studies:    We are studing maps and what is on them. We will take a unit test when we come back from break.


​ ​
Action 100

Minimum 2 steps per week day and 4 steps over the weekend. Be at step 116​ by Wednesday, Oct. 18th.

Step 122 by Monday, Oct. 23rd.
When students complete a book they should take a comprehension test on the Accelerated Reader link: 

Reading Homework​Compare & Contrast characters and settings (on iPad) due Thursday, Oct. 26th. Submit to Schoology when finished.
Math HomeworkMath Boxes 2.1-2.4 Due Wednesday, Oct. 18th.

No Study Links.

Categories to work on for practice in Unit 2(not assignments)

  • A.1, G.5, G.14-expanded notation 
  • C.4,8,12,13,18 Multiplication
  • H.-all, especially 1,2,3,7 Add/Sub Decimals
  • I.1,2,3,4,5,8 Multiply Decimals
  • V.4 Open number sentences
  • X.1,2,3 Mean, Median, Mode Review

 Study Island

  • 2007 Standards 1e, 1h, 2f, 4a
Language Arts
IXL  5th Grade Language Arts
Due Monday, Oct 16
T.3  T.4  U.4  V.1
80% proficient or higher---Blue Ribbons wanted!!
ScienceNo Homework​
Spelling and Vocabulary
Social Studies HomeworkMap Activity - Scale due Monday, October 23.
WritingFinal Copy of I Know What....Summer story due Tuesday, October 10.​​


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