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Class Information

Math: We will be finishing up our Algebra unit that we started prior to MCA math and Eagle Bluff.

Practice and Study Island categories are listed below.   Math homework is pretty consistent.  Each week the students will have 4-5 Math Box pages to work on in their journals.  We go over each box at some point throughout the week.  I encourage students to attempt the boxes they feel confident in doing at home or with a little help and leave any boxes that are causing frustration for school.  Study Links are on the iPads this year.  Students are provided work time during the day for study links.  Study Links will only be homework if they were not completed during class.   Due Dates for Math Boxes and Study Links will always be posted below.

Reading: We are currently reading the novel Number the Stars. ​Students should complete a majority of the novel and activities in class. Please see below for due dates. 

Science:  Research for Forces and Motion is due Wednesday, March 28th.  Final Projects are due Friday, April 6th.  If students are not done with their research tomorrow they will need to complete it over break so they can use next week to work on their project.  They have had two weeks to work on their research in class.  Students are choosing final projects like Rube Goldberg Machines, sports or real life connections or creating their own.   It is amazing to see what they are already coming up with.  

Social Studies:   


​ ​
Action 100

Goal: Step800 by Tuesday, May 29.
nts complete a book they should take a comprehension test on the Accelerated Reader link: 

Reading Homework * Genius Hour Presentations start May 14th. 
Math Homework

 *There are short videos on Schoology to help with math boxes and math concepts that we are currently working on.

Categories for fraction practice(not assignments) = Algebra Practice Category V

 Study Island

Language Arts
ScienceMCA Science Practice
Students can review in Study Island the standards below.  These are standards have been covered past year, but are not in the 5th grade standards.  ​
1G, 2A & B, E-G, 3A-C & E, F, 4B-D 
Forces and Motion
Research due Wednesday, March 28th
Final Projects due Wednesday, April 11th
Spelling and Vocabulary
Social Studies


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