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​World Studies 8:  Using the 5 Themes of Geography, we will discover the many regions of the world!!!  Scroll down to find your class page and assignments.

Social Studies 7:  A description and syllabus for American History 7 can be found on Schoology.  Scroll down to find your class page and assignments.

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Learning Target:  List the Compromises reached in the Missouri Compromise and The Compromise of 1850.
Learning Target:  Map the United States as a result of the above Compromises.
Learning Target:  Answer:  Why was the Dred Scott Case so damaging to the United States?
Learning Target:  Complete the Weighing the Issue table.
Learning Target:  Answer:  Was the Civil War avoidable?

February 19-20:
  • List Compromises.
  • Complete Maps:  Due Tuesday.​
  • Collect Maps.
  • In-class reading activities.
February 21-22:
  • ​Complete Dred Scott and Weighing the Issue activities.

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DC Trip Notes:

  • Packing Meeting:  Tuesday, March 6th in the High School gym.
Learning Target:  Create an IMovie depicting an Act of Courage in History.  This is a joint project between Miss Wiegmann and myself.

February 19-22:
  • Show IMovies:  students have been assigned the order we will follow.
Learning Target:  Locate selected states, territories, capitals, and physical features of North America.
  • ​Practice and Review assigned maps.

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