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​World Studies 8:  Using the 5 Themes of Geography, we will discover the many regions of the world!!!  Scroll down to find your class page and assignments.

Social Studies 7:  A description and syllabus for American History 7 can be found on Schoology.  Scroll down to find your class page and assignments.

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​Objective:  Students will answer the question:  What factors contributed to Lincoln's victory in the Election of 1860 and why did many southern states secede because of it?

March 20:
  • Election of 1860 activity.
Objective:  Students will summarize the "And so it Began" reading.
Objective:  Students will learn Civil War Casualty Figures.
​Objective:  Students will be able to summarize the achievements​/failures of selected Civil War Generals.

March 21-23:
  • ​Assign Civil War Generals and Casualties:  Due Wednesday, March 29th.

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Objective:  Students will identify important facts about the Tomb of the Unknown, Guards, and Veterans Day.

Objective:  Students will be able to locate the countries, capitals, and major bodies of water of the Middle East.

​March 20-21:

  • Assign and work on "Tomb of the Unknown" assignment:  Due Wednesday.
  • Assign ME maps:  Test Thursday.
March 22:
  • ​Discuss and submit "Tomb of the Unknown".
  • Assign Writing Entry Contest:  Due Friday, April 7th (this is a voluntary assignment for students who want a chance at the opportunity to lay a Wreath at the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier".​
  • Test Fix Due.
March 23:
  • ​Map Test.

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