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404-5F Informed ConsentNew Hire Criminal Background Check Form
404-V Volunteer PacketVolunteer Criminal Background Check Form
406-10F Consent to Release Data-Request from an IndividualRequest from an Individual
406-7F Authorization FormEmployee Authorization for Release of Information
413-F Harassment and Violence Report FormHarassment and Violence Report Form
414FRMConfidential Student Maltreatment Form
418FRMDrug Free Workplace-Drug Free School Acknowledgement Form
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506-20FNotice of Suspension
509A FRMEarly Childhood Open Enrollment
509B FRMStudent Transportation Request
515.10 Special Education Records Retention and Destruction PolicyAdopted: July 20, 2009   Revised: February 21, 2017
515FRM Public NoticeApproved: Nov 20, 2017
516FRMMedication Policy Form
521A FRMStudent Grievance Report
521B FRMDiscrimination Grievance Report
522FRMUnlawful Sex Discrimination Toward a Student Complaint Form
524FRMInternet Use Agreements
527FRMStudent Parking Permit
529FRMStaff Notification of Violent Behavior by Students
530 Attachments ABCDSample Immunization Letters
530 Student Immunization FormStudent Immunization Form
530FRM - Sample Letter-ImmunizationsImmunization Sample Letter
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610FRMField Trips
614FRMAssurance of Test Security and Nondisclosure
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709A FormNotification to Employer Of Moving Violation
709B FormNotification to Employer Of Suspension, Revocation, Cancellation, or Disqaulification
709C FormType III School Bus Driver Notification to Employer Of Violation
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806FRMFor Assistance in Drafting a Crisis Management Plan
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16-17 WBWF Summary ReportWorld's Best Work Force Report
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2017-2018Elem Student Handbook
collapse Description : Elementary Student Handbook ‎(1)
2018-2019Elementary Student Handbook
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Chatfield Early Entrance to Kindergarten PolicyEarly Entrance into Kindergarten
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2018-2019 AActivities Handbook
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2017-2018 DMHS Discipline Matrix
2018-2019 DMHS Discipline Matrix
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2017-2018 HBHS Student Handbook
2018-2019 HBHS Student Handbook
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1 to 1 Parent-Student Information1 to 1 Student - Parent Handbook
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614FRM.pdf614FRMAssurance of Test Security and Nondisclosure
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806 Crisis Management Policy.pdf806 Crisis Management PolicyAdopted: Dec 18, 2006   Last Revised/Reviewed: July 16, 2018
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16-17 WBWF Summary Report.pdf16-17 WBWF Summary ReportWorld's Best Work Force Report
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2018-2019 Local Literacy Plan.pdf2018-2019 Local Literacy Plan
Chatfield District Restrictive Procedure Plan 11-28-16.pdfChatfield District Restrictive Procedure Plan 11-28-16
Title I Parent Involvemnt Plan.pdfTitle I Parent Involvemnt Plan
All Forms, Physicals, and Activity Fees must be turned in before participants can begin practice.
  • Forms are located on this webpage or in the high school front office
  • Physicals are good for 3 years
  • Activities fees = $100 per sport with a family cap of $400. If a family qualifies for the free or reduced lunch, they would also qualify for free or reduced activity fees. Fees must be paid BEFORE student can begin.
  • Down/off list, (see details below) Please monitor your child's grades on skyward family access. If you need your login information please contact Barb Sass by email at
  • Bus Procedures (see details below)
The down/off list is a way the activities dept. and the coaches monitor the academic progress of its participants. The school has a policy set in place that assures a student activity’s participant is making progress in the classroom. Each week, teachers in 7-12 get a list of activity participants during that season. If a participant is not making adequate progress in a class they are marked on this list. The list is given to the activities dept. Coaches and parents are notified by email at this time. The first time an individual is on the list, they are considered down. There is a one week period in which the individual has to get their work up to standards for that class. During the week, the student can still practice and play in games. If after this week the student has improved, then they will no longer be on the list. However, if they are put on the list for two consecutive weeks in the same subject they would be put on the off list. While on the off list, students are not able to participate in practice or in games for that week. This could continue longer than a week if progress is not made. Keep talking to your athlete about keeping their grades up. Parents can monitor student’s grades on the school website under the Family Access for Skyward using their school password. If you do not know your password, email Barb Sass in the High School office to find out what your password is. Her email address is
Bus procedures: We would like everyone to ride the bus to and from the events when a bus is provided. If your child does need to ride home with you, a note signed by you must be given to the coach. If someone other than the parent is providing a ride for your child, then this must be PRE-APPROVED by the Principal or the Activities Director.
-Dan Schindler
Activities Director, Chatfield Public Schools
November 2018